Woman’s Viral TikTok Shows How She Caught Her BF Cheating In A Selfie

Cheaters, beware: you will be found out one way or another. A TikToker named Sydney Kinsch has revealed yet another way that people can expose themselves. All it takes is too much confidence and not quite enough brains. In her TikTok, she shares how she received a Snapchat from her boyfriend of four years, and saw a clue he was cheating in the image.

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Sydney shows the picture of her boyfriend in his car, his sunglasses reflecting the road and dashboard in front of him:

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Then she leans over and reveals the extremely clear vision of two feminine legs up on that dashboard next to him:

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For a closer look, we enhance:

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This was Sydney's first TikTok and it's been viewed over two million times.


check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies ✨ #fyp

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People in the comments were very supportive of her pain and ready to destroy her ex-man for his bad behavior:

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And a surprising number of people said this exact same thing happened to them! How is this so common?

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Sydney also provided a little more story in a comment after someone asked how she responded after getting this Snapchat.

"I called him and asked if he realized he sent me a b---h on his Snapchat and he has no idea so I sent it to him and he called me crazy," she wrote. She says he then claimed he was with a group of five people and the legs belonged to a friend's girlfriend. But the truth came out!

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Dang. All I can say is I hope all these views are from people who need to discover their partner is cheating and not from cheaters who need to tighten up their game.


Written by Alison

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