Man Refuses To Tip Server Wearing “Black Lives Matter” Button

The man who refused to tip a server wearing a “Black Lives Matter” button, Cloyd Steiger, was fired from his job as a criminal investigator after bragging about the “scene” he caused. 

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Steiger dined at Fish Peddler in Tacoma, Washington and instead of leaving a tip, he was so offended by his server’s button that he left a note that said, “BLM button = No tip. That’s how socialism works.” He was so proud of his accomplishment he posted about it on social media. On Facebook, he reportedly wrote a caption that said that he “may have caused a scene” and included a smiley face.

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The server who has left tipless, Reese Vincent, wrote a post on Facebook about what happened at the restaurant when Steiger dined. Allegedly, Cloyd screamed at the managers because of the buttons and this caused other customers to leave because of his behavior. 

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“Have a different view all you want,” she wrote, “But if my view doesn’t align with yours, that doesn’t mean throw a tantrum about it and make people feel as if [they’re] in danger because you’re in a position to do so.”

Vincent also said that she didn’t post anything about the incident because of Steiger’s position as a criminal investigator. But because of the incident, he was terminated from his position at the state attorney general’s office.

The man who wrote his termination letter, Deputy Attorney General Todd Bowers, said that he failed to meet the standards of the office and was accused of showing poor judgment. Bowers also mentioned that Steiger compared “the BLM organization to the Ku Klux Klan and said that both are hate groups.”

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But, Steiger was not letting go of his position without a fight. He got a lawyer to argue that his firing was against his first amendment right.

Steve Fogg, his lawyer, said, “The AG is firing Cloyd not because he didn’t do his job (he did it well) and not because he didn’t tip a waitress and raised his voice—if the AG fired people for that sort of private behavior, the ranks of the AG would be thin indeed. The AG fired Cloud for expressing political opinions as a private citizen with which some members of the AG’s Office disagreed.”

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Vincent believes that with his firing, he “got what he deserved.”


Written by Moises Mendez II

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